USS Waller





World War II


girl Ships History for World War II.
girl How She Got Her Stars in WWII.
girl Her WWII Ships Roster.
girl WW II Scrapbook new pictures Feb. 27, 2015
Photo's of Her crew.
girl WWII War Record
girl Rescue at Sea
When a Jap plane exploded on the deck of the USS St. Louis, 2 men went overboard, The USS Waller was there to rescue them...The photo's are here.
girl The First Torpedo Fired
Yes, the USS Waller was the American warship to fire a torpedo, and hit its target.
girl Purple Heart Monument
girl A Mine in the Yangtze River
girl US Destroyer Immobilizes Japanese "Suicide" Group (newspaper article)



Most of this information was submitted by the Waller Crew (or their families) that served on her during WWII.
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