We sailed to victory!

World War II  1942-1947
It was 1942 the war had just begun.
My brave crew and I knew what must be done.
We done our job and done it well as anyone can see.
Twelve battle stars beside my name.
We sailed to victory!

Korean War  1951
It was 1951 I went to war again.
Another brave crew and I,
 another war to win.
We done our part and done it well,
as everyone can see two battle stars beside my name.
We sailed to victory!

Cold War  1951-1968
We had a different war, a war that we must win.
To make the world a safer place so we must sail again.
And sail we did around the world and up and down the coast.
Keeping our country safe was the job we loved the most.
No battle stars beside my name this just wasn’t done.
But we done our job, my crew and me.
We sailed to victory!

Vietnam  War  1968
It was 1968 another war begun
My brave crew and I were called to fight,
 this country doesn’t run.
So we went off to give them hell and that is what we done.
Two battle stars beside my name, another battle won.
This would be the last war for my crew and me.
 As I am sure you know by now.
We sailed to victory!

1942- 1969
Now my time has come as all good things must end.
But I know I will sail forever in hearts of the
Waller Men.

                                                                    By Ted Allen



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