2013 USS WALLER DD/DDE 466 Reunion
Page 3 - The Dinner

WWII Vets - Howard Green & Ross Gilbert
Ron Henderson and Gerald
Jim & Wadene Howell
Ron & Carole Koach & daughter
Alan & June Minzner
The lovely lady from the hallway, who sang
Anchers Away & The Star-Spangled Banner
Robert & Betty Wimberley
Keith & Mary Lemon - Thanks for putting together a great reunion!
Keith Lemon's Sisters
Keith Lemon's daughter and grandaughter
Our Awesome DJ & his wife (friends of the Lemon's)
Wayne & Pam Howelle
Charles Parmenter with his son and grandson
Duane & Barb Pingeon
Marion & Laura Bryant - Thanks for helping with the next reunion.
Chuck & Marilyn Coffman
Carol & Ted Allen
Howard & Jane Green
Louis & Marie Visco
Ron Henderson and his friend Gerald
Nancy & Pete Davenport
Heidi & Rick Breach
Glenna & Russel Bleam
Russ Bleam, Sam Ellis, Louis Visco
Karen & Paul Brehart
Susan & Jerry Miller
Carol & Ted Allen with Gene Hanson
Stanley & Nancy Teets
Steve & Janice Auten
Chuck & Teri Gumkowski
Pep & Tom Elmore
Tom Elmore's son Jim and his wife Kim
Barbara & Richard White
Joan & Joe Corcoran
Ross Gilbert and daughter
Susan Precht, Deborah Pyle, Carroll Precht
Carroll Precht, Albert Pyle, Chester Zomzinsky
Gene Hanson and Pep Elmore

Betty Wimberley and children


We did our best to get pictures of everyone, but we missed some. If you have other pictures, please email them and we will get them uploaded as soon as we can. Or if you can ID any of the ? people, please email Ted@USSWaller.com. Thanks, Ted

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