2001 Ship's Reunion

Well it was another great Waller reunion. Bob and Carolyn Johnson really went all out. The tours couldn't have been better. I think the final count was 45 shipmates (there were about 65 before the 9-11 incident) about 85 counting spouses and guests.

Those of us who took the Cleveland tour got a chance to go aboard the submarine USS Cod. It brought back a lot of memories. Mostly that we were glad we were on a Destroyer not a Submarine. We had a very good lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. The tour of Amish country really went well. Especially the Warther Carvings Museum although the lunch stop was really hard to beat. The Dinner-Dance really went over great. The food was great, music was great and everyone really got a big kick out of the Babe Ruth look alike.

The next reunion will be held in Minnesota, the twin cities area. The exact location and date will be determined later. The hosts for the next reunion will be Duane and Barbara Pingeon. Hope to see everyone there.


P.S. We know some of the pictures are not great, but we will try to do better next time.



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