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I have recieved some inquires over the years from people looking for shipmates or for some information about their father, brother or uncle that served on the Waller. Those emails will be posted here. Please help.


Dear Sir,

I am hoping you could perhaps help me, or point me in the right direction regarding this question.
Apparently, my father served on the USS Waller sometime between 1958-1972. His name was Robert G. Strawcutter Sr. and was a pipefitter on the ship. I believe a Petty Officer. I know that at one point he was in Japan on the ship, or at least that is the story I have been told. (I also have a doll brought home by him for me from that trip.) I just recently found your website and his name is not listed.

My father has been deceased now since 1986. How would I go about investigating his naval career/movements? Is there a place I can go to start? Any pointers? Thank you so much for your patience with my questions and any guidance or suggestions you may be able to offer me.

Sincerely, Lisa Strawcutter Walter
July 2003

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