2005 Ship's Reunion
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Hi Shipmates,

Let me start out by apologizing for taking so long to get the reunion information and pictures on the web page. I would explain but that would take another 6 months.
The Kansas City Reunion was another good reunion. Max Lucas and company really did a great job. I think all of you will enjoy the pictures and I want to thank everyone who sent them to me. The trips were a lot of fun. At the reunion it was decided to form a committee to assist the people putting on the reunions and also to maintain some continuity between the reunions. The names of committee members are;
Ted Allen, email address is Ted@usswaller.com
Keith Lemons, email address is Hawkeyefarm1@searnet.com
Tom Nelson, email address is thomas.nelson3@comcast.net
Irvin Yellin, no email address

Any questions or suggestions should be directed to Ted Allen. This will allow us to keep all information in one place.
The next reunion will be held in the Baltimore, Maryland area in 2007 and will be hosted by Rick and Margaret Breach.
That is it for the reunion stuff.
I have a request from a shipmate, Butch. He is trying to find a copy of the 1963 cruise book. If anyone can help him, please contact Ted@usswaller.com

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