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USS Waller DD/DDE 466

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May 14, 2017

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          I have received some inquires over the years from people looking for shipmates or for some information about their father, brother or uncle that served on the Waller. Those emails will be posted here. Please help.

This page was put together by Ted Allen for the enjoyment of all the Waller crew, their families and friends.
I would appreciate you sending me any memories you might have about the Waller (war stories, shore leave, peace time, ect.) To be posted on this site.
Also any pictures you would like to have posted. Suggestions are always welcome.
E-mail me at ted@usswaller.com or
US mail Ted Allen, 5595 Huntingtown Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639.

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This Web Site Updated May 14, 2017.

This is Rick Breach Sr. from Baltimore. GREAT NEWS I wrote an article about the WALLER titled "THE LIFE OF ONE FLETCHER DESTROYER POST WWII" for the Tin Can Sailors News Paper. They accepted it and it will be posted in the October addition. I think I have honored each and everyone of you with the script and the photo that will be published with the editorial you won't believe. If you do not get the news paper you can order it at www.destroyers.org or call (800) 223-5535 or write Tin Can Sailors, PO Box 100 Somerset, MA. 02726. It is a well spent $25.00 for a great paper.